UWB indoor localization printed circuit board

UWB indoor localization

Insolem developed a hardware and software solution of interior localization (Real Time Location System). Asset tracking, flow and performance analysis, process automation and traceability, our technology will provide you with the geolocation data necessary for your applications.

Accurate, real-time technology

This indoor localization technology guarantees a high reliability of the data used for your applications

  • Accuracy of about 30cm
  • High frequency of data transmission (several times per second)
  • Low impact of interferences

Robust technology, suitable for use in industrial environments

  • Good reliability in industrial environments
  • Works for metal asset tracking
  • Long battery life of the tags

Easy integration

A indoor localization solution designed to be integrated into a connected ecosystem:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Signal diagnostic tool to optimize anchor configuration
  • Interoperability of the solution with other systems (OMLOX compliance)

Modular solution – we adapt the solution to meet your specific needs

  • Integration of additional sensors (CO2, temperature, …)
  • Hybrid technology (UWB and Wirepas)
  • Modification on demand of the tags size, anchors power supply, …