In parallel of its clients’ developments InSolem uses its expertise for in-house product developments. This in-house activity is essential to the company’s positioning, making it possible for InSolem :

  • To expand it scope of competences to the whole product development value chain. InSolem developed complementary skills in mechanical development and product industrialization, and set up a network of partners for the industrial production of its solutions ;
  • To retain its staff thanks to internal projects ;
  • To develop its competitive advantage by demonstrating its project management and product development competences.

    INSOTRACK Solar Trackers 

    InSolem developed small-scale solar trackers that aim at optimizing the profitability of photovoltaic self-consumption projects. The trackers make it possible to optimize the real-time energy output and to maximize the production in the peak consumption hours (morning and late afternoon).

    InSolem managed the whole project :

    • Mechanical development of the tracker ;
    • Development of the tracking electronic system;
    • Development of the embedded software, including real-time energy production algorithms taking into account the shading effects and a remote monitoring system;
    • Product industrialization. 


    InSolem designed a friendly tool to teach programming, based on Arduino. This solution is distributed by the company A4.


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